Flowers of Asian Plum tree, Wu Mei (Chinese) – Prunus Mume (Rosaceae)

Medicinal Use of Asian Plum, Wu Mei (Chinese) – Prunus Mume (Rosaceae)


Deciduous tree growing to 33 ft (10 m). Has pointed oval to elliptical leaves, white flowers, and yellow fruit.

Habitat & Cultivation

Native to China, Asian plum grows wild and is planted in the southern and eastern provinces. The fruit is picked in late spring.

Part Used



Asian plum contains fruit acids and sugars, vitamin C, and plant sterols.

Medicinal Actions & Uses

The sour-tasting astringent Asian plum is used in Chinese medicine to counter diarrhea and dysentery, to stop bleeding, and to ease coughs. It may also be effective in expelling hookworms. Externally, a plaster of the fruit is applied to the sites of removed corns and warts to hasten healing.


Laboratory research undertaken in China indicates that the fruit of Asian plum has antibiotic properties.