Balloon Vine plant - Cardiospermum spp. (Sapindaceae)

Medicinal Use of Balloon Vine – Cardiospermum spp. (Sapindaceae)


Deciduous perennial climbers growing to 10 ft (3 m), with compound leaves, small white flowers, and black seeds.

Habitat & Cultivation

Balloon vine is found growing in tropical regions around the world.

Parts Used

Root, leaves, seeds.


Most Cardiospermum species contain cyanogenic glycosides.

History & Folklore

Native Amazonians string balloon vine seeds into armbands that are worn to ward off snakes.

Medicinal Actions & Uses

In Indian herbal medicine, balloon vine root is used to bring on delayed menstruation and to relieve backache and arthritis. The leaves stimulate local circulation and are applied to painful joints to help speed the clearing of toxins. The seeds are also thought to help in the treatment of arthritis. The plant as a whole has sedative properties.


Do not take during pregnancy.