European Nettle Tree - Celtis Australis (Ulmaceae)

Medicinal Use of European Nettle Tree – Celtis Australis (Ulmaceae)


Dome-shaped deciduous tree growing to 80 ft (25 m). Has lance-shaped leaves, green flowers, and small round purple-black fruits.

Habitat & Cultivation

Native to the Mediterranean region and southwestern Asia, European nettle tree is also planted as a border tree in Italy and France.

Parts Used

Leaves, fruit.


European nettle tree contains tannins and mucilage.

Medicinal Actions & Uses

Due to their astringent properties, both the leaves and the fruit of European nettle tree may be taken as a decoction to reduce heavy menstrual and inter-menstrual uterine bleeding. The fruit and leaves may be used to astringe the mucous membranes of the gut in peptic ulcers, diarrhea, and dysentery.