Gully Gum tree - Eucalyptus Smithii (Myrtaceae)

Medicinal Use of Gully Gum – Eucalyptus Smithii (Myrtaceae)


Aromatic evergreen tree growing to 165 ft (50 m).

Habitat & Cultivation

Native to Australia, eucalyptus now grows in temperate and subtropical zones across the globe. It prefers moist soil, and so is found in swamps, gullies, and at the foot of slopes.

Part Used

Essential oil.


The volatile oil contains about 70% eucalyptol (1, 8-cineole), as well as pinene, limonene, alpha-terpineol, and linalool. While it is similar to the oils of related species, this oil appears to be better tolerated by the skin.

Medicinal Actions & Uses

Eucalpytus smithii oil is an antiseptic and decongestant, and is used for inhalations as well as aromatherapy massages. See eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus) for further details.


Though less toxic than the oils of other eucalyptus species, E. smithii essential oil should be used with care. Follow the label instructions, or take on professional advice.