Indian Coral Tree, Dadap (Hindi) - Erythrina Variegata (Fabaceae)

Medicinal Use of Indian Coral Tree, Dadap (Hindi) – Erythrina Variegata (Fabaceae)


Deciduous tree growing to 59 ft (18 m). Has prickly stems, leaves with triangular leaflets, and pea-like red flowers.

Habitat & Cultivation

Indian coral tree grows in deciduous forests throughout much of the Indian subcontinent.

Parts Used

Bark, leaves.


Indian coral tree contains alkaloids, isoflavonoids, triterpenoids, and lectins. The alkaloids are anti-inflammatory and analgesic, and the isoflavonoids display antibacterial activity.

Medicinal Actions & Uses

In Ayurvedic medicine, Indian coral tree is used to treat inflammatory conditions, period pain, and problems related to eating and digestion, including anorexia, flatulence, colic, and worms. The bark is used to treat skin problems and fever. A paste made from the leaves is applied to heal wounds.