Flowers of Kino tree - Pterocarpus Marsupium (Fabaceae)

Medicinal Use of Kino – Pterocarpus Marsupium (Fabaceae)


Handsome deciduous tree growing to 52 ft (16 m). Has leaves with 5–7 oval leathery leaflets, and numerous small yellow or white flowers.

Habitat & Cultivation

Native to Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia and the Philippines, kino grows in tropical rain forests. The tree is cultivated for its timber and for the sap (“kino”) that exudes from cuts made in the trunk. The sap is collected year round.

Part Used



Kino contains tannins, flavonoids, and marsupsin.

Medicinal Actions & Uses

Kino is a strongly astringent herb that tightens the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract. Kino relieves chronic diarrhea and the irritation caused by intestinal infection and colitis. Though its taste is unpleasant, this herb makes a good mouthwash and gargle. It is widely used in Asia as a douche for excessive vaginal discharge.


Clinical trials have found that the herb is therapeutically useful in treating the early stages of non-insulin-dependent diabetes.