Monsonia plant – Monsonia Ovata (Geraniaceae)

Medicinal Use of Monsonia – Monsonia Ovata (Geraniaceae)


Small herbaceous plant with multi-branched stems, very small oblong leaves and white solitary or paired geranium-like flowers.

Habitat & Cultivation

Native to South Africa and Namibia, monsonia is found growing in arid conditions. It is gathered when in flower.

Parts Used

Aerial parts.

History & Folklore

In Zulu medicine, monsonia is used to treat snake bite.

Medicinal Actions & Uses

Monsonia is used throughout southwestern Africa as a treatment for diarrhea, acute and chronic dysentery, and ulcerative colitis. The plant’s astringent properties act to tighten and protect the inner linings of the intestinal tract. Given monsonia’s long traditional use for intestinal disorders and infections, it is possible—but as yet unsubstantiated by research—that the plant has a direct antimicrobial effect.