Notopterygium Root, Qiang Huo (Chinese) - Notopterygium Incisium (Apiaceae)

Medicinal Use of Notopterygium Root, Qiang Huo (Chinese) – Notopterygium Incisium (Apiaceae)


Carrot-family member with an upright ridged stem, deeply cut leaves, and flowers in dense clusters.

Habitat & Cultivation

Notopterygium root is native to central and western China. The root is unearthed in spring or autumn.

Part Used



Notopterygium root contains furanocoumarins, sterols, and a volatile oil.

Medicinal Actions & Uses

Notopterygium root is taken mainly for colds and chills, fevers, headache, general aches and pains, and malaise. The herb is warming and pungent, counters cold and damp conditions, and promotes sweating, especially in fevers. It is also prescribed for neck and back pain.


At high dosage notopterygium root may cause vomiting.